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Top 3 Hockey Sticks of 2023

In this article, Marc, our Product Knowledge Director will be sharing his top 3 picks for the best hockey sticks of 2023, along with the key features that make them stand out.
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The 3 best hockey sticks of 2023

Choosing the right hockey stick is crucial for any player aiming to enhance their performance. With a plethora of options available, navigating the market can be challenging. Fear not! In this post, Marc, our Director of Product Knowledge, will unveil his top three recommendations for the finest hockey sticks of 2023. He'll also delve into the distinctive features that set them apart. As the Product Knowledge Director at Hockey Supremacy, Marc possesses extensive expertise in the realm of hockey equipment, ensuring he can assist you in finding the perfect stick for your requirements. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, these sticks are guaranteed to elevate your game. Let's dive in!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are based on personal experiences and preferences and may not represent the views of everyone.

#3 - Bauer Vapor x5 pro

Introducing the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro, a standout hockey stick securing the #3 position with its lightweight design and exceptional balance.

This high-performance hockey stick delivers remarkable features at an attractive second-tier price point. The rounded shaft ensures a comfortable grip for players, promoting a natural and secure feel during intense hockey sessions. Recognized for its durability, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro stands as a reliable choice for hockey enthusiasts seeking longevity in their equipment. Leveraging Vapor's elliptical low kick technology, this hockey stick ensures a standout puck release with enhanced precision. 

Undoubtedly, it emerges as the best-value hockey stick at Hockey Supremacy, offering players superior performance while remaining budget-friendly.

Bauer Vapor X5 Pro stick
Source: HockeySupremacy​​

#2 - Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro

Claiming the coveted #2 position is the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro, a hockey stick that stands out for its excellence in lightweight design and exceptional balance. 

With an ergonomic shaft designed to fit seamlessly in the hands, this stick guarantees a comfortable and natural grip for players. The incorporation of a textured grip pattern not only enhances the feel of the puck but also provides heightened control during shooting maneuvers. Its robust construction contributes to increased durability, making the Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro a dependable choice for players immersed in intense gameplay. Featuring a higher low kick, this hockey stick maintains an impressive puck release, seamlessly blending power and accuracy.

 In my opinion, it emerges as the hockey stick that offers the best puck feel in the business, making it a remarkable choice for players prioritizing a superior playing experience.

Warrior Alpha LX2 Pro hockey stick
Source: Warrior Hockey​​

#1 - CCM Ribcor trigger 8 pro

Securing the top spot as the #1 hockey stick of the year is the CCM TRIGGER 8 PRO. 

Renowned for its exceptional performance, this hockey stick boasts a super lightweight and well-balanced design, providing players with optimal control on the ice. The introduction of a new grip pattern enhances the feel of the puck, elevating the overall playing experience. The stick's sturdier construction and increased resistance make it a durable choice for intense gameplay. Notably, the softer heel on the blade contributes to superior puck control, enabling players to finesse their moves with precision. The low kick point of the CCM TRIGGER 8 PRO is a standout feature, maximizing the release and ensuring a quick and powerful shot. 

In my opinion, it remains unmatched in delivering the swiftest release on the market, making it a standout choice for players seeking top-tier performance.

CCM Trigger 8 Pro hockey stick
Instagram: HockeySupremacy​​

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog based on personal experiences and preferences, and may not reflect the views and opinions of everyone.