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Top 3 Hockey Skates of 2023

In this article, Marc, our Product Knowledge Director will be sharing his top 3 picks for the best hockey skates of 2023, along with the key features that make them stand out.
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The 3 best hockey skates of 2023

Unveiling the apex of On-Ice excellence! Explore our latest blog article led by our Product Knowledge Director, Marc, where innovation and performance converge in the world of hockey skates. Discover the top contenders for the 3 Best Hockey Skates of the Year, meticulously curated for enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of technology and comfort. Whether you're chasing speed, agility, or an all-encompassing on-ice experience, Marc's comprehensive guide has you covered. Dive into our exclusive insights and find the perfect pair to lead your journey on the ice. 


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are based on personal experiences and preferences and may not represent the views of everyone.

#3 - Bauer Vapor x5 pro skates

Securing the well-deserved third spot in our Top 3 Hockey Skates of 2023 is none other than the BAUER Vapor X5 Pro. Now, let me tell you why these skates are an absolute game-changer.

First off, Bauer has nailed it with the design of the Vapor X5 Pro. The asymmetrical quarters are not just a style statement; they are strategically placed to maximize comfort and forward flex, giving me that perfect blend of ease and performance. 

Speaking of performance, these skates offer an elite level of play without breaking the bank – a sweet spot in the 2nd price point that makes them an absolute steal.

Comfort is key, and Bauer understands that well. The super comfortable ankle pads make each stride feel like a breeze. And let's talk about customization – the injected facing not only maximizes energy transfer but also allows players to fine-tune their lacing for a personalized fit. Bauer certainly knows how to cater to individual preferences!

Now, the details that truly set these skates apart. The standard 7mm white felt tongue might seem like a small feature, but it's a pro-level touch that adds to the overall experience. The new holders with a stiffer front post for power and a softer back post for agility provide that perfect balance that I personally crave on the ice as a player. And let's not forget the new runners with a profiling template – a thoughtful addition that adds an extra layer of precision to the players' skating experience.

What makes the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro even more special is the fact that they offer the best bang for your buck by far. Back in 2019, this model was basically Bauer's top of the line skate - the fact that it still holds its own speaks volumes. In my opinion, the Bauer Vapor X5 Pro skates are simply amazing. Lace-up a pair, and you'll understand why they are in a league of their own.

Bauer Vapor X5 Pro stick
Source: HockeySupremacy​​

#2 - Bauer Hyp2rlite Skates

Claiming the impressive second spot in our Top 3 Hockey Skates of 2023, let me shine the spotlight on the exceptional Bauer Vapor Hyp2rlite skates – a game-changing pair that truly lives up to the hype.

First and foremost, these skates are a feather-light powerhouse, offering an incredible level of performance. Bauer has taken the already outstanding Hyperlite design and elevated it to new heights. The modified tongue construction, compared to the original Hyperlite, is a game-changer in comfort, providing a snug feel that will enhance any player's skating experience.

Bauer didn't stop there – the Hyp2rlite introduces a modified outsole design, maintaining that perfect balance between softness and functionality. The new holders, featuring a stiffer front post for power and a softer back post for agility, embody Bauer's commitment to precision on the ice. The new runners with a profiling template add that extra layer of customization, allowing me to fine-tune my skating performance.

One of the standout features of the Hyp2rlite is the sturdier yet flexible facing, enhancing forward flex without compromising durability. It's a thoughtful addition that contributes to the overall agility and responsiveness of the skate.

Bauer, in their pursuit of perfection, addressed some minor issues from the first generation and retained everything that made the original Hyperlite great. The wheels on these skates are nothing short of amazing, and the Hyp2rlite stands as a testament to Bauer's dedication to crafting incredible skates.

In my opinion, the BAUER Vapor Hyp2rlite skates are a remarkable fusion of lightweight design, comfort, and high-performance features.An incredible high-end choice for all players who want to get their hands on skates that deliver pro-like performance.

Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Hockey Skates
Source: Hockey Supremacy​​

#1 - CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro skates

I'm absolutely thrilled to present the unrivaled excellence of the CCM FT6 Pro, seizing the coveted number one spot in our esteemed Top 3 Hockey Skates of 2023.

From toe to heel, the FT6 Pro is a testament to heightened comfort and cutting-edge design. Elevating the skating experience, cushier ankle pads with superior quality foams ensure a plush and supportive fit, while the new comfort edge on top adds a touch of refinement to its clean finish.

But it's not just about comfort; the FT6 Pro is engineered for optimal performance. The remarkably comfortable tongue also provides excellent forward flexibility, enabling seamless on-ice maneuvers. The innovative new tendon guard construction takes strides to new levels, maximizing amplitude for an enhanced skating experience.

Noteworthy features like the renowned Black Step Steel, a cornerstone in the industry, and a larger caster on the holder for easy runner switching, showcase the skate's commitment to both power and agility. CCM's attention to detail shines through with the injection of facing, maximizing energy transfer and allowing for customizable lacing.

These skates are more than just a piece of equipment; they represent a paradigm shift in design and functionality. CCM has truly raised the bar with the FT6 Pro, delivering a skate that not only meets but exceeds expectations. It's not just a skate; it's an experience crafted for those who seek unparalleled precision, style, and performance. Lace up the CCM FT6 Pro if you are ready to redefine your journey on the ice.

CCM Jetspeed FT6 Hockey Skate
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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this blog based on personal experiences and preferences, and may not reflect the views and opinions of everyone.