True L20.2 Senior Goalie Catcher
True L20.2 Senior Goalie Catcher

True L20.2 Senior Goalie Catcher

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The TRUE L20.2 Domestic Senior Goalie Catcher is an ideal choice for goaltenders seeking top-notch performance with a classic appearance and feel. If you're familiar with TRUE and Lefevre's previous work on the L12.2, you'll notice that this catcher shares many similar specifications.

External Material
The catcher features jenpro leather, with certain areas receiving extra reinforcement as needed. The palm area under the cuff is lined with thick, high-quality SureGrip material, providing a more professional and comfortable sensation.

Break Angle
The L20.2 goalie catcher has a 60° break, also known as the 590 break. This break angle has been gaining popularity and offers a larger, more rounded shape to the glove, allowing the fingers to close with ease. Many find this way of closing the glove to be natural, but it's essential to try different break angles to determine which one suits you best. A glove with this break is designed to be flexible and responsive in all situations.

Pocket Design
The catcher utilizes a single-T design in the pocket, which can be considered more classic compared to the double-T.

Elastic straps with Velcro are present on the sides of the glove to keep it snug and secure while you play. The elastic nature enables the glove to move with your hand as you open and close it. Additionally, the webbing strap at the wrist is engineered to hold your hand in place and withstand wear and tear.

Cuff Design
TRUE and Lefevre have chosen a more open-style cuff to enhance flexibility and freedom of movement in the wrist and arm areas. The cuff is one-piece, which is a more modern and rigid design, offering increased coverage and protection in the wrist area. Inside the palm area, Game Ready padding adds extra protection and a better feel, crucial for that sensitive area.

Colors & Customization
The L20.2 hockey goalie catcher is available in white/blue and white color options, providing some choices for customization.