True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet
True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet
True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet
True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet
True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet

True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet

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Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet Featuring MIPS (logo only)
Engineered to Protect
Impact Energy Mitigation System. Ultra-Lightweight. Personalized Fit

What is MIPS?
MIPS Technology is a helmet integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce energy transfer from impact.

How Does it Work?
In a helmet with MIPS Technology, the shell and the liner are separated by a low friction layer. When a helmet with the MIPS system is subjected to impact, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. This revolutionary system has been shown to absorb and redirect energy upon impact.

Player Benefit
The illustration reflects data collected using a finite element computer model, and measurements obtained from nine accelerometers in a Hybrid III crash test dummy head. The model illustrates strain from a similar impact when the dummy head is wearing a helmet without MIPS and a helmet with MIPS.

Helmet Technology

Impact Energy Mitigation System
MIPS Technology offers a low friction layer designed to mitigate rotational energy sustained during impact.

One-piece polycarbonate (EPP) shell construction makes the Dynamic 9 Pro helmet the lightest weight in its class.

Personalized Fit
Coming standard in all Dynamic 9 Pro helmets, the interchangeable side and rear occipital Fitpads are available in three thicknesses, providing 360-degree adjustability and a personalized fit.

The Fitpad System allows the helmet size to be adjusted 5% larger or smaller, creating a more optimal and personalized fit for each player.

Side Fitpads
Interchangeable side pads available in 2mm, 6mm, 10mm thickness Rear Fitpads
Interchangeable rear pad available in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm thickness