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Step V-Steel Runners for Bauer TUUK Holder (Pair)

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Sold in pair. Fits Bauer Tuuk holders.

Manufactured with the same materials used for the Step Steel line, the Velocity Steel line (V-STEEL) raises the industry’s standards by bringing material R&D to new heights. The V-STEEL is the result of extensive research on the effects of blade side finish. By heavily polishing the sides of the steel, we obtain a mirror finish which promotes significantly more flow, and better edge retention. The V-Steel is also exposed to the same rigorous list of quality control tests.

V-Steel has all of Step Steel's Features.

Centerline Guide accurately displays the center of the profile. Exclusive feature developed by Step and only available on Step products.
Grip Claw System eliminates movement between the front of the blade and the holder.
Enhance glide for more speed.
Improve edge quality for added confidence in turning and stopping

Step V-Steel Runners for Bauer TUUK Holder (Pair)
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