Knapper AK7 Ball Hockey Intermediate Stick (2023)
Knapper AK7 Ball Hockey Intermediate Stick (2023)

Knapper AK7 Ball Hockey Intermediate Stick (2023)

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The AK7 Stick is a testament to what’s possible when precision engineering meets the love of the game. It's for the discerning player, the strategist, the one who notices the details and understands that every element of their equipment can make a difference.

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  • High Carbon Composition: With a staggering 85% Carbon Fiber construction, the AK7 embodies strength, durability, and reduced vibration for those game-winning shots.
  • Featherweight Control: Tipping the scales at a mere 475g, AK7 is designed for those seeking agility without compromising on power.
  • Masterful Ball Handling: A uniquely textured blade provides enhanced grip and precision, ensuring unparalleled ball control every time you take a shot or pass.
  • Rugged Durability: Featuring ABS protection under the blade, the AK7 is equipped to withstand the wear and tear of aggressive play on any surface.
  • Curve Choices for the Connoisseur: Whether you're a fan of the B92 (Backstrom) curve or the agility offered by P28, there’s a match for your style.
  • Custom Flex for Every Swing: Offering flexibilities from 60 (Intermediate shaft) to a robust 95, AK7 caters to a variety of play styles ensuring maximum energy transfer.
  • Length for Precision Play: Choose from 52" for the intermediates to 64" for those who prefer a longer reach, adapting to your gameplay strategy.