True L20.2 Senior Goalie Pads
True L20.2 Senior Goalie Pads

True L20.2 Senior Goalie Pads

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The TRUE L20.2 Senior Goalie Leg Pads are an excellent choice for goaltenders seeking top-tier performance with a classic appearance and sensation. If you're familiar with TRUE and Lefevre's previous work on the L12.2, you'll notice that these pads share many similar specifications.

External Material
The L20.2 pads feature a harder face with jenpro leather material, strategically reinforced with double-layer jenpro underneath seams on the sides and inside the pads to enhance durability in high-wear areas. For improved slide feel and movement, TRUE added Fast Glide material to the inside edges. Double cords provide additional stability and durability, holding the knee and inner materials together.

Internal Construction
The pads are equipped with a double-density foam core at the shins, designed to deaden rebounds at the impact point and enable quick transitions. The HD foam padding ensures a superior seal along the ice and offers professional-level protection.

Pad Break
The pads have a very flat, traditional style with single breaks on both the inside and outside. They are stiffer in the upper portion, making them ideal for butterfly saves and sealing the five-hole. The three flat rolls on the pads make it easier to control rebounds, which might be more challenging with stiffer pads. These colored rolls give the pads a more traditional look, catering to goaltenders who appreciate that aesthetic.

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
TRUE and Lefevre focused on improving ankle movement with these pads, incorporating a flexible boot core in the L20.2 for superior flexibility and support, particularly during up and down movements and when in the reverse-VH position. The boot has a stiff density to maintain good coverage in that area. The pads feature a 90° boot angle for maximum coverage and a traditional feel. The tapering style of the pads in terms of stiffness keeps them flexible while still providing ample coverage, avoiding the limitations of softer pads.

Knee Cradle
The knee cradle on the L20.2 is recessed for a looser fit and compatibility with personal knee guards. While maintaining a traditional look and feel, the addition of high-quality, modern materials and craftsmanship ensures durability and performance comparable to the best pads on the market today. The knee block also includes a SureGrip layer for improved grip and knee comfort in that area.

The strapping system on the L20.2 leg pads follows a more traditional approach compared to other pads on the market. Coupled with the pads' other advanced features, this reinforces the classic look and feel while delivering pro-level performance expected from elite-level goalie pads. The pads use a traditional leg channel and are secured to the legs with leather straps.