True Catalyst Pro Stock Thomas Chabot Skates
True Catalyst Pro Stock Thomas Chabot Skates
True Catalyst Pro Stock Thomas Chabot Skates

True Catalyst Pro Stock Thomas Chabot Skates

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Introducing the True Catalyst Pro Stock Hockey Skates, where innovation meets customization to bring you the ultimate performance on the ice. Crafted with over 30 years of expertise by Scott Van Horne, TRUE takes a player-centric approach to redefine the skating experience.

These skates are built using the graphics of NHL player, Thomas Chabot.

Designed with precision and tailored to perfection, these skates start with a 3D anatomical foot scan, ensuring a fit that is uniquely yours. True custom skates offer unparalleled comfort and performance, elevating your game to new heights during critical moments.

The True Catalyst Pro Stock features an Ultra-Lightweight Flex Design that enhances dynamic agility on the ice. The softer, more flexible shell is paired with a dynamic flex tendon guard, providing players with increased versatility and a broader range of motion. Feel the difference as you effortlessly glide across the rink, adapting to the demands of your game with ease.

Agile Precision is at the core of these high-performance skates, thanks to NeuroFit+ Shell Technology. The moderate shell stiffness strikes the perfect balance, offering support where needed while allowing freedom of movement for every player. Experience the agility, responsiveness, and control that True Catalyst Pro Stock Hockey Skates bring to your game.

Elevate your on-ice performance with TRUE's commitment to excellence and decades of skate design mastery. Take control, move with confidence, and feel the difference of skates crafted to match your unique foot characteristics. The True Catalyst Pro Stock Hockey Skates – where customization meets innovation for the ultimate skating experience.