Knapper AK5 Ball Hockey Intermediate Stick (2023)
Knapper AK5 Ball Hockey Intermediate Stick (2023)

Knapper AK5 Ball Hockey Intermediate Stick (2023)

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The AK5 isn't just a ball hockey stick; it's a statement of ambition. Serving as the bridge between casual play and elite performance, the AK5 offers an experience that nudges players toward the pinnacle of the sport.

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Pre-order now!

  • High-End Carbon Construction: With an impressive 50% Carbon Fiber content, relish in a supremely balanced stick that blends power with lightness.
  • Precision Engineered Weight: At just 530g, the AK5 ensures swift movements and fluid play, further elevating your on-court prowess.
  • Exceptional Ball Mastery: Our intricately textured blade is crafted to enhance your ball control, allowing for more intricate maneuvers and accurate shots.
  • Durability Meets Performance: The ABS protection under the blade amplifies longevity, ensuring your stick withstands the challenges of the game.
  • Adaptable Curves: Options between the strategic B92 (Backstrom) curve or the agile P28, so you can dictate play your way.
  • Custom Flex Choices: Tailor your gameplay with flex ratings from 50 (Jr) to 95. Experience the perfect rebound and shot power that aligns with your style.
  • Varied Lengths for All: Whether you’re an emerging talent or a seasoned veteran, choose from lengths between 52" and 64" for your optimal reach.