True Project X Limited Edition

True Project X Limited Edition

True Project "X" Limited Edition Stick Review
Product specifications: 
Side : Left
Flex : SR 65
Pattern : TC4
Options : Grip

Characteristics of the stick
The stick shaft is built with square corners and concave sidewalls making it pretty stable in the hands. The grip finish feels just right. It's a good blend between grippy and smooth. Length-wise, the stick is just a bit shorter than the standard 60". But that always depends on how the stick is measured by the manufacturer. The blade comes with a matte finish.
Even though the stick feels extremely light, the retail version is a bit heavier than advertised by True (368g on my scale including the plastic top insert).
Overall Playability
Stick Handling
The fact that blade is extremely light makes it easy to stickhandle. The blade and shaft combo provides amazing puck sensation. The blade offers very good puck control too. Some people might feel a slight vibration in the shaft while stickhandling, but I personally liked that as it made the stick feel a little more ‘’dynamic’’.

The passing category is where this stick impressed me the most. Everything seemed perfect ! One-touch passes were easy, fast and always on target. Long and short hard passes were a breeze to catch and absorb. Making soft or hard passes was also extremely easy. They were going exactly where I wanted them to. It just felt amazing!

When True talk about their stick offering a quick release, well they are not kidding. The puck does exit rapidly from the blade. The shaft is super easy to load and the blade stiffness offers great accuracy. This stick is great when you are close to the net and want to rip the puck top cheese. It's also very good for backhands. When trying to shoot wristers farther from the net (near the blue line), it felt like the puck was losing a bit of velocity faster than I expected. As for slapshots, this stick unfortunately felt short. The flex I used (60) might explain it a bit as I normally play with 65 or 70 of flex but I had absolutely no power whatsoever.. My slapshots felt dead. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to try one-timers so I can't comment on these.

Visual aspects of the stick
Design-wise, the Project X is pretty basic. The majority of the stick is black with some bright blue accents and a few chrome lines and writing. It's simple but it looks good! Taking a closer look at the shaft and blade junction, I noticed that it is a bit bumpy where the grip coating finishes. For a stick at this price point, I found that a bit disappointing. I was expecting a cleaner look.

In conclusion, the "Project X" stick is definitly a high-performing stick. It is extremely lightweight, the puck feel perceived from the shaft and blade combo is awesome. The accuracy offered by the blade is top notch. The quick release is significant. I wish the stick would've a been better for slap shots though. Maybe the flex was too soft but at the same time, the flex was perfect for everything else. Overall, it's an excellent stick.

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