Warrior Alpha LX Pro Junior Hockey Pants
Warrior Alpha LX Pro Junior Hockey Pants

Warrior Alpha LX Pro Junior Hockey Pants

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Pro level hockey pants.

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The Warrior Alpha LX Pro Pants are specifically engineered to offer elite-level players the ultimate performance and protection, particularly those who rely on their agility and speed in intense puck battles. Warrior's use of Impax Foam in the spine guard and hips ensures that the LX Pros can withstand repeated impacts and hits without adding unnecessary bulk.

For enhanced flexibility and mobility, the pant incorporates a floating internal belt that separates the spine and kidney protection from the lower section. This design allows the upper protection to move seamlessly with your body as you skate and maneuver during the game. Additionally, the lower portion features Warrior's Alpha Pro Fit, an innovative anatomical thigh pad design that offers optimum mobility, protection, and precise coverage.

To further optimize your on-ice performance, the LX Pros feature expansive stretch gussets down the center, underneath each leg, and along the lower back. These gussets maximize your stride length and overall mobility, enabling you to effortlessly weave through traffic. On the inside, Warrior equips the pants with their WarTech FNC liner, a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps sweat at bay, enhances comfort, and eliminates unpleasant odors caused by perspiration.

In summary, the Warrior Alpha LX Pro Pants deliver top-tier performance and protection, making them the ideal choice for players seeking a winning combination of agility, resilience, and comfort on the ice.

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