Warrior Alpha LX 20 Junior Hockey Pants

Warrior Alpha LX 20 Junior Hockey Pants

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Elite level hockey pants.

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The Warrior Alpha LX 20 Pants are specifically designed for highly competitive players seeking top-notch performance and protection at a more affordable price point. These pants feature a new tailored pro fit that ensures agility and quickness on the ice, while also providing excellent coverage and safeguarding.

Warrior has integrated their premium Impax Foam protection into the spine guard, significantly enhancing protection for players who frequently find themselves battling in front of the net and facing opponents' crosschecks.

For optimal comfort and stability, the pants include a floating internal waist belt that securely holds the hip, waist, and thigh protection in place as you move and skillfully navigate through the opposition. The shell of the LX 30s is crafted using a combination of premium denier nylon weaves, strategically chosen for their lightweight, durable, and mobile properties. Additionally, ventilation zones are incorporated for improved breathability, and new hamstring padding is added to further elevate the level of protection.

The liner features Warrior's premium WarTech FNC design, providing enhanced comfort while effectively managing sweat and moisture. Powered by Polygiene, the liner also prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria typically associated with perspiration, ensuring a fresh and hygienic experience during play.

In summary, the Warrior Alpha LX 20 Pants cater to competitive players seeking high-performance gear without compromising on protection or comfort. With their tailored pro fit, Impax Foam protection, and thoughtful design features, these pants are an ideal choice for players who want to elevate their game without breaking the bank.

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