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True Project X Intermediate Hockey Stick

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True Project ‘’X’’ Limited Edition Hockey Stick

HAVE A REAL ‘’TRUE’’ IMPACT ON YOUR GAME with the brand-new limited edition ultra light and high performing ‘’PROJECT X’’ hockey stick!

Averaging 355 Grams, the brand-new “Project X” stick from True is their lightest stick ever built. With this ultra lightweight low kick point weapon, your shots will be hard, precise and at the net in the blink of an eye!

To achieve this amazing feat, the development team came up with a combination of new high-end technologies.

First of all, they developed a new carbon lamination process call “PLD”. This new process consists of laminating 26 unidirectional thin layers of carbon and placed them strategically along the shaft to significantly reduce the weight. This technique also creates a good blend between a soft flexing profile in the lower shaft area and a torsional stiff taper. This gives more stability to the blade and offers more precision with effortless shots. Even though the “Project X” is crazy lightweight, True assures that the “Precision Laminate Design” construction respects the industry standards in terms of durability.

For the blade, they also introduce a new patent technology. The “Braided Rib Technology +”. By doing so, they are able to offer a lighter and stiffer blade. The bottom and the heel sections have also been reinforced. Together, these new features create a more lively, super accurate and durable blade.

And last but not least, to bond these two new technologies, True uses their patented Axenic Tech. Axenic Tech combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece stick. By doing so, the puck sensation is enhanced.

What are the key points to remember about this hockey stick?

  • Ultra lightweight +/- 355g
  • Hard, precise and quick release shots from the low kick
  • A good blend of softness in the lower part of the shaft with a torsional stiff taper
  • Endorsed by over 30 NHL players since the 2021 season game opener