True Hockey XCORE9 Stick

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True one-piece stick with a great release.
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  • Overview

    • True Hockey XCORE9 Stick
    • Finish: Matte Grip
      Shaft Shape: Square Corner Double Concave
      The patented XCORE blade technology (patent # 8,628,437) will transform you in to a more accurate shooter by producing on average 30% more spin on the puck on contact. This leads to cleaner, heavier shots that will help you hit your target with more precision, more often.
      The strategically positioned XCORE insert in the blade provides the industry’s first true “wood like” feel with unparalleled puck control when receiving a pass or handling the puck. XCORE gives new meaning to the term “having the puck on a string”.
      Also features TRUE’s industry leading Smartply, Axenic and SmartFlex Technologies.
      Full carbon twill weave on 100% of the stick.
      Made TRUE for: Any level of player who seeks to improve shooting accuracy and puck control.
    • Length: 60"
    • Warranty: 30-day Warranty
    • Release Date: 2015-05-01
  • Specifications

    Brand True Hockey
    Country of Manufacture China
    Heritage New in 2015
    Kick Point Low Kick Point
    Length 60"
    Name True Hockey XCORE9 Stick
    Shaft Construction True One-Piece
    Shaft Geometry Contoured
    Size Class Senior
    Warranty 30-day Warranty
    Weight 427.1g
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  • Warranty

    True Hockey Stick Warranty

    This composite stick has a 30-day warranty handled directly through the manufacturer. Warranty period begins from the day the item was purchased. Original proof of purchase is required for warranty. We put the instructions in the package for every stick ordered. Please contact the manufacturer below to complete your stick warranty:

    True Hockey Stick Warranty

    True Hockey Warranty Department: 1 (901) 746-2000

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Product Reviews

  • Scott

    Player, 29, M, ON
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, Defensive Defenseman
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    Great Stick

    Didnt know what to think of the foam insert in the blade, but this stick quickly became my favourite stick that I have used in my life. The dead feel due to the foam insert in the blade took a bit to get used to, but I loved it from the get go. I wish the stick was a little more durable as i was able to snap the shaft high up fairly easily. I can honestly say I could shoot harder with this stick than any stick I have used to date. The deadened feel in the blade is incredible for passing and snap shots.

  • Kirk Kaminsky

    Player, 32, M, MB
    Intermediate, Once per week
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    My Favorite stick

    Bought it to be a backup to my A5.2 but once I played a single game I stuck with it. Great pop off the blade and you can feel the puck so well, you can actually tell where it is on the stick.

  • BP

    Player, M, QC
    Intermediate, Once per week
    Forward, Grinder
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    Best stick

    Really great stick to feel the puck. Ligthweight. Definitly one of my best stick.

  • Steve

    Player, 32, M, SK
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, 2-way forward
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    Best stick I've owned!

    Having played with a range Bauer sticks most of my life, the True stick just has a terrific feel for handling the puck. Was pleasantly surprised when trying this stick for the first time on the ice. Probably most noticeably for me, I feel more confident catching firm passes off the rush.

  • Greg

    Player, 49, M, ON
    Advanced, Once per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    True X core9 Stick

    What a fantastic stick! Great feel, light, very responsive. Definitely rivals all top end stick manufacturers. I would buy another TRUE stick again for sure!

  • Davey

    Player, M, AB
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Great Stick!

    I don't think I'll ever go back to Bauer or CCM, this stick is simply unreal. Literally exactly what the advertise, more spin, easier to dish nice sauce. A nice harder shot whether it's a quick snap or slapper. Best stick I've used in ~10years

  • BigWillis

    Player, 39, M, ON
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Grinder
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    Great Twig!

    This is easily the best mid kick stick I've ever used. Shot have lots of pop and always on target. Great puck feel when stick handling.

  • Joshua

    Player, 16, M, BC
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Forward, Sniper
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    Best Stick I've Ever Used!

    This is by far, the best stick I have ever used! After buying one and trying it, I bought one more to keep on hand for my back up stick. I won't go back to using other sticks again! Excellent for Elite Level Hockey Players!

  • Hockeyroach84

    Player, 33, M, QC
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Sniper
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    Great stick!!! I bought 1 then after a couple of games I bought 2 more because it's that good. you get the release of an easton V9E and the feel of a warroir Dynasty HD1. The blade is stiff enough to get great shot of toe drags.

  • Mike

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    Best stick I've ever used

    This is by far the best stick I've ever used. I've used Bauer, Easton, CCM, Sherwood, Warrior, Reebok, these sticks stand above the rest. They are extremely well balanced, which makes the stick feel even lighter in your hands. The blade on the Xcore is very dampened, if you're not a fan of the super pingy blades this is the stick for you. Kick point and release are what sets this stick apart. The best way I can describe it is "smooth". It's a very easy to use stick, you don't have to overdo it when loading the stick. I'm a 97% wrist shot guy, this stick is just so easy to let hard wrist shots go. Also a very quick release. If you need to crack down and unload a slap shot this stick will unleash bombs too. you will NOT be disappointed with this stick

  • Rob

    Player, 39, M, NT
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, 2-way forward
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    Nice feel,

    After the first practice and first game I think I am going to like this stick. has a nice puck feel. No vibrations through the shaft. feels solid.

  • Josh Stubbs

    Player, 34, M, ON
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, Defensive Defenseman
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Innovative, but maybe not for everyone

    All the tech of my favourite stick, the A5.2, with the addition of the xcore blade. Expect the performance of the A5.2 and A6.0 with a different feel. The xcore blade, I feel, is for the player with soft hands, a good stick handler the needs to feel the puck. The way the puck feels is like nothing else out there. It's a connection to the puck that feels soft and supple. You really know where the puck is on your stick. Now, the 30% more spin, isn't very noticeable. My shot didn't feel harder or more accurate, but that doesn't mean it isn't. When I took a slap shot, the impact of the puck to the blade felt softer, which I personally don't prefer. I say prefer cause it's not that I don't like it, it's just that it's different and I prefer to feel the puck explode of the blade on clappers. Accuracy feels the same, which is good. 30% more spin is a measurable difference, but I think its a hard to notice difference. It may lead to more accuracy and velocity that may be measurable, but not noticeable. Get an Xcore if you are a soft handed play maker that takes a lot quick snap shots.

  • Keven

    Player, 20, M, QC
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Forward, Playmaker
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    A great stick

    Great performance but I broke it quickly

  • ZACH

    Player, 18, M, ON
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Playmaker
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    True Hockey XCORE9

    Great stick!

  • Landawg9

    Player, 19, M, BC
    2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Xcore 9

    Received this stick on the release date. Absolutely love it, lots of pop on shots and really good puck feel. Its 425 grams so its definitely not the lightest, but still pretty balanced.

  • Liam

    Player, 29, M, ON
    Advanced, Once per week
    Show DetailsHide Details

    I'm loving it!!

    This stick is giving me heavier and more accurate shots as the puck explodes off the blade. I've had multiple high end stick in the past; Superfast, MX3, APX2, QR1, and I have to say this stick has unmatched puck control when giving or receiving a pass and stick handling. I am aware this stick cost is pretty high but at the same time, its totally worth it!

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