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Team Custom Uniforms

Whether it is for your team hockey jerseys, team hockey socks, custom dekhockey uniforms or team apparel, we got everything you need and our Team Sales Representatives will gladly help you out.

Products available for Custom Sublimated Uniforms

We usually do business with MNM Hockey for custom sublimated hockey uniforms.
We believe they are the best in the business in terms of value / quality.
Hockey Jerseys DekHockey Jerseys Track Suit
Hockey Pant Shells DekHockey Shorts Hoodie
Hockey Socks    
Hockey Bags  DekHockey Socks *Under Armour  
Skate Mats   and much more! 


Minimum quantity per item to place an order:

12 per items 6 per item 12 per item


How it works:

You can also personalize your uniforms with sponsors logos, players' name and numbers.

Fill the form to get a quote. We will communicate with you shortly by email. We will make sure that you are entirely satisfied thoughout the process.

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Products available for Team Uniforms / Team Equipment

We usually do business with Bauer Hockey, CCM Hockey and Warrior Hockey for team uniforms, such as jerseys, socks, bags, gloves, helmets, etc. 
Team              Accessories       Apparel
Jerseys   Bags Track Suit
Socks Sticks                Hoodie
Pant Shells               

All products from our online catalog are available for team orders.


Minimum quantity per item to place an order

15 per items 15 per item 15 per item

The minimum quantity to get a team discount is 15 units.


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