Warrior Covert QR Edge Stick

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Lightning quick release with an explosive recoil.
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  • Overview

    • Warrior Covert QR Edge Stick
    • Edge Quick Release - We've improved the performance of a game changing stick series. The new edge is easier to load and has a more explosive quick release. Your energy transfers through the shaft, blade and puck making more lights shine red in rinks everywhere.

      Edge Tapper - A new angular edge taper drives flex energy through the hosel that magnifies power and quick release. Our unique geometry improves response, is more stable and plays stronger.

      Minimus Carbon 1200 - Ultra-thin 12K high strength, lightweight flat weave carbon composite design improves the sticks construction technologies. The Edge Taper responds fast and accurately through load and release. The materials light weight ultra-thin qualities enhance the sticks balance, playability and feel.

      True 1 Phantom - Reengineered True 1 piece construction creates extreme light weight blade balance and smooth, strong flex archs. True 1 Phantom construction enhances how the stick feels during play giving you more control and response.

      Pro Cortex Grip - A textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum hand control.
    • Length: 60"
    • Warranty: 30-day Warranty
    • Release Date: 2018-07-20
  • Specifications

    Brand Warrior
    Country of Manufacture Mexico
    Heritage Warrior Covert QRL
    Kick Point Low Kick Point
    Length 60"
    Name Warrior Covert QR Edge Stick
    Shaft Construction True One-Piece
    Shaft Geometry Traditional
    Size Class Senior
    Warranty 30-day Warranty
    Weight N/A
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  • Warranty

    Warrior Stick Warranty

    This composite stick has a 30-day warranty handled directly through the manufacturer. Warranty period begins from the day the item was purchased. Original proof of purchase is required for warranty. We put the instructions in the package for every stick ordered. Please contact the manufacturer below to complete your stick warranty:

    Warrior Stick Warranty

    Warrior Warranty Department: 1 (901) 746-2000

  • Pattern Chart

    Pattern Chart

Product Reviews

  • Michel

    Player, 44, M, QC
    Intermediate, Once per week
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    Très leger

    Ce baton est très malléable et surtout très léger!!

  • Andrew

    Player, 23, M, ON
    Intermediate, Once per week
    Forward, Playmaker
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    Amazing stick!!!

    Shots feel so much better with the QR Edge! They fly off so quickly. So far, it seems durable and is well worth the price! I'm also very happy about the 65 flex option Warrior offers here, as a tall and skinny guy.

  • James

    Player, M, BC
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, 2-way forward
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    Best Stick Yet

    I’ve used this stick in 6 games now. It’s crazy light. Great grip and flex. Wrist shots fly off this stick. Also really good feel to it. Buy one. You won’t be disappointed

  • Jsup

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    Great Stick

    Been using this stick for about a month now...I really like. Quite light and notice a quicker release than the Rekker 60 I was using. However, I have the 65 flex and find it very whippy compared to Sherwood Rekker 60 & 365 both of which I own and use in a 65 flex. So if you prefer a slightly stiffer stick maybe consider bumping up the flex a bit. Overall though very impressed with the Edge.

  • Emile

    Player, 30, M, QC
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    The stick feels amazing in the hands. The release is simply perfect for wrist shots and snapshots. The shots come off quick and hard. Passing the puck and stick handling are also great. Aesthetically this thing is a pure work of art, it looks so so good. However, I would not recommend this stick if slap shots are an important part of your game.

  • Langille9

    Player, 17, M, ON
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Forward, Playmaker
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    personally i didn't like it

    I went from the 1x lite to the qr edge. Personally it just wasn't for me. Bought another 1x lite after instead

  • Simon

    Player, 17, M, QC
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Defenseman, Offensive Defenseman
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    Lightning Quick Release: Warrior QR Edge

    This stick is great for taking snapshots and wrist shots, due to its low quick point. You can see it in action on my instagram page: hckyy

  • Eric

    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
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    The first thing I noticed when stepping on the ice with the Qr Edge is how light in the hands it feels. Not stupid light, just right thanks to Warriors new Minimus Carbon 1200. Stick handling was awesome because it still has that great responsive stiff blade found in the Qrl. The QrEdge has a square shaft geometry with a nice coat of grip. I’ve noticed Warrior has gone with a slightly textured grip on the top corners and sides of the shaft leaving the bottom of the shaft without any texture. Now lets talk about that Edge taper. A cool looking taper Warrior has designed to help magnify power and quick release. Warrior has done a great job outlining the Edge taper lines with the popping oranges in the design. The first few shot felt a little odd, but once I found that sweet spot again, woah, watch out! The shots came off quick and hard! Even when taking a slap shot, the puck came off stronger than its predecessor. I also found that with the new Edge taper, the QrEdge has a more predictable and accurate shot.

  • Mat

    Player, 33, M, ON
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Awesome stick

    Best stick i’ve used feels great

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