Verbero Dextra Pro III Gloves

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Extreme mobility with maximum protection

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  • Overview

    • Verbero Dextra Pro III Gloves

    • Extreme mobility with maximum protection

      The latest evolution of the NHL proven Dextra. Featuring our traditional Tapered fit, the Dextra III takes customization to the next level. The patented VPT modular technology allows for a completely customizable glove with removable and interchangeable cuff rolls, floating cuffs and shock blockers.


      Permadry Palm. Made with Torrey Suede and Clarino. Torrey Suede Overlay on the base of the palm and on the finger tips for added grip, comfort and durability. Removable Clarino pressure point on palm.
      X-tenza gusset finger sleeves for less restriction on finger closure, improving stick control, glove flexibility and overall feel.
      Fixed shock-blockers on each finger.
      Flexible Sham Quick Thumb to clean your visor or just wipe away sweat

      Ver-Tec Tight Cross Weave Nylon increases durability without compromising flexibility.

      Stylish Plaid Comfort Quilt antimicrobial liner. Keeps hands comfortable and dry, while maintaining the glove free from odors. Assists in the prevention of infections.

      Design Make-Up:
      Tapered Fit Design.

      VPT Modular Technology:

      Patented technology that allows for customization by adding or removing the following:

      - SHIELD Upper Cuff
      - Cuff Roll
      - SHIELD Shock Blocker

    • Warranty: 90-day Warranty
    • Release Date: Feb 13, 2018
  • Specifications

    Brand Verbero
    Country of Manufacture China
    Name Verbero Dextra Pro III Gloves
    Size Class Senior
    Warranty 90-day Warranty
    Weight N/A
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  • Warranty

    This protective equipment product has a 90-day limited warranty. The warranty applies to all product defects outside of normal wear and tear. Warranty period begins as soon as the item is purchased. Original proof of purchase is required for warranty.
  • Size Chart

    Verbero Gloves Size Chart
    Glove Size 8" 9" 10" 11" 12" 13" 14" 15"
    Arm Length 7"- 8" 8"- 9" 9"- 10" 10"- 11" 11"- 12" 12"- 13" 13"- 14" 14"- 15"
    Height 3'3" - 4'1" 3'9" - 4'7" 4'3" - 4'8" 4'7" - 5'0" 4'11" - 5'4" 5'5" - 5'9" 5'7" - 5'11" 5'9" - 6'1"

Product Reviews

  • Carl Mills

    Player, 17, M, ON
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Best gloves you could buy

    I first tried a pair of verbero gloves on at a local store they felt amazing but they were red so if found these gloves at an amazing price if you check Verbero hockey online they are over 300 Canadian dollars since that site is a USA site and won’t ship to individuals in Canada and let me tell you Hockey Supremacy is amazing with there prices and shipping too you get a free puck that has there loga and taped around and writin on it is first order this company has to be the best I have ever seen such thought and consideration into everything but now onto the gloves I found with Verbero they fit so perfect you have to buy a size smaller then the other brands of gloves but they are broken into any hand that goes into the glove I personally have tried high levels of gloves of other brands and nobody comes close to any Verbero gloves this one in particular is very soft on the inside and lightweight there is no scratching on my hands after wearing them 30 times they still feel brand new they also allow great movement in every finger and thumb and I can move each finger individually where I haven’t been able to with other top brands this glove is a perfect mould to anyone’s hand and I’ve tried it with 12 of my friends and they are all super impressed even though this glove seems a little expensive this by far is the best pair out there with nothing even coming close to it I personally after wearing them I would pay $500 for these gloves if I had to they are great and I would recommend it to everyone who wants the best gloves in the world you can see it yourself order the gloves try them on and if you don’t like them send them back but I guarantee you will keep them the extra padding is a little excessive since the gloves are very well pertective themselves but my favourite part of the glove is the band that says Verbero is interchangeable I got the black gloves and it came with white and black bands which is great I use white bands with my white home sweater and let me tell you it looks slick and the black bands with my navy away jerseys sorry for such along review but I just touched the tip of the iceberg with these amazing gloves if you buy them you will not regret it BEST GLOVES EVER!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Player, 31, M,
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Very interesting

    So I will start with the negatives here. They really do feel great but they may just be a bit to wide for me. I don't know if they are made for a wider hand but they felt maybe a bit loose when I first got them. However, a friend of mine told me to just go down a size from my normal size (14) so I did and got a 13 and I have to say, they are a much better feel. I would like to point out that I said they are heavy, but that is because they have a very unique feature that I am not sure any other company has ever thought of. They have removable shot blockers built right into the glove (also a different option for the cuff color, which I think is pretty sweet, I hope they make more colors soon). You can actually take the shot blockers off and they are much more light and manageable, however I left them on since I wanted the extra protection. I play with a bunch of hacks so the protection is definitely appreciated since I have to work the next day and what not. These gloves really are very comfortable and for the guys or girls that play in a higher level and your team wants you to use shot blockers, these would be an awesome option for you. They respond very well and if you are a gear nut like me and like to mod your stuff this is a great gloves that feels like it was built with us in mind. There is just something super satisfying with making your gear look different or feeling the way that you want it yourself, and this glove really scratches that itch with very minimal work. Sorry for such a long review but I think once you get this glove in hand you are going to understand that there is just so much about this glove that needs to be talked about.

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