Place or Edit an Order

Placing an order

Simply add the item(s) to your shopping bag while selecting the applicable options within the product(s). You can review your order in the shopping bag before checking out.
If you can’t click on an option, this option is currently not available combined with the other product attributes. You can try a different combination of attributes.


Out of stock item

In the case an item is out of stock, you will be prompted with a message. If you still want to order this item, you can add it in your shopping bag and complete your checkout.
The delay of shipment of a backordered item is usually 5 to 7 business days. Please contact us for more details concerning the shipment delay of the specific item.



Reserve your stick or skates before the official launch date to make sure you get yours first!


In-store only items

Unfortunately, we are restricted by Bauer to sell their elite-level products in-store only.
Please refer to our Opening Hours and Store Locations page for our store locations if ever you live close to one of our stores.


Call for price items

Unfortunately, we are restricted by Bauer and can’t show the price of elite-level products online.
You can contact us via live chat, phone or email for more information. Contact us.

Edit an order

If your checkout is not completed, you can easily modify your order by going back to your shopping bag. In your shopping bag, you can edit your item(s) and make all your desired modifications.
If your order has been completed and confirmed, simply contact us. We will assist you to edit your order. Contact us.