Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Junior Stick

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Hand-made stick under 390 grams.
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35 45
PP26 Stastny PP88 Ryan II PP92 Trouba

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  • Overview

    • Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Junior Stick

      What’s graphene, you ask? Only the coolest com­posite material to show up on the sports scene in ages.
      Graphene has been integrated into the key brea­kage areas of the REKKER EK60 to make your stick not only lighter, but more durable and more resistant against hacks and slashes.

      That’s right! At just 385 grams, the REKKER EK60 is the lightest composite stick you can buy. The carbon fibre, infused with graphene, and the handcrafted quality of the REKKER EK60 makes it the perfect partner on the ice. Just what you need to get in there and fire off fast shots like it’s nobody’s business.

      The best thing about the REKKER EK60? It does what you tell it to do. That means that it is every bit as good as you are, without holding you back. You react, and the stick reacts, working in sync like a team that has practiced together so much that they move as one. It is like your own hand, responding immediately and instinctively.
      45 flex = 52"
      35 flex = 48"
    • Length: 52", 48"
    • Warranty: 30-day Warranty
    • Release Date: 2015-09-04
  • Specifications

    Brand Sher-Wood
    Country of Manufacture China
    Heritage Sher-Wood Rekker EK15
    Kick Point Low Kick Point
    Length 52", 48"
    Name Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Junior Stick
    Shaft Construction True One-Piece
    Shaft Geometry Contoured
    Size Class Junior
    Warranty 30-day Warranty
    Weight 388.6g
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  • Warranty

    Sher-Wood Stick Warranty

    This composite stick has a 30-day warranty handled directly through the manufacturer. Warranty period begins from the day the item was purchased. Original proof of purchase is required for warranty. We put the instructions in the package for every stick ordered. Please contact the manufacturer below to complete your stick warranty:

    Sher-Wood Stick Warranty

    Sher-Wood Warranty Department: 1 (819) 563-2205

  • Pattern Chart

    Pattern Chart

Product Reviews

  • Bubsy

    Parent, 13, M, MB
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Not impressed

    This is third rekker my son has had, two ek 60 and one ek365, all broke this season, he is 12 short for his age and doesn’t weigh 80 pounds, 45 flex shud be lots for him yet stick broke after 30 day warranty expired and thats with xmas break in there which he barely used it, switching brands,

  • Crasher96

    11, M, AB
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, 2-way forward
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Light Stick for 10 year old - nice flex for good release, strong blade

    Good Stick for my 10 year old son who plays 3-4 times a week over winter. The shaft is light and has a good low flex kick-point well suited for forwards. The blade is strong and is excellent for handling passes. Got this on sale for under 70.00 making it a great buy. It's pretty much the same as the EK365 but just an older model. Kid is happy with the purchase as we were able to cut it in the flex free cut zone and not increase the flex.

  • Stockd

    Parent, 12, M, SK
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Nice light stick but not very strong

    My 11 year old is on his 3rd stick this year already. He loves the stick except for they have all broke in the exact same spot just up the shaft 6”.

  • hawkeeinthesix

    Player, 12, M, ON
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Forward, 2-way forward
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Excellent light stick for my light player!

    Needed to find a great light stick for my son that didn't break the bank. He is a small 10 year old (typically the smallest on all his sports teams). A lot of sticks are too heavy and too long. I was originally looking for a 40 flex stick so he could move up from his 30 flex stick. This purchase after a lot of stick hunting online seemed to be a perfect choice: (1) Pattern: PP26 STASTNY closely matched his previous CCM TACKS YOUTH STICK with P29 CROSBY. (2) Weight: Amazingly light. (3) Price: Great! (4) Length: 48" here I chose the 35 Flex so I would not need to cut the stick. His last stick was 45" and I think I had to cut a little off that one but he is running the new stick at 48" uncut. (5) Flex: 35. I had originally thought to move him to a 40, but the options were either 35 or 45 and the 45 adds 4 extra inches of stick length which if cut back would also affect the flex so I decided to go with 35 flex which is good fit for his weight which is in the low 60's after a large lunch. (6) Reviews: Good reviews for this line of sticks from more than a few beer leaguers & almost-beens. Consensus seemed to be durable lightweight stick at a price that made replacing them less of concern than a lot of comparable sticks while actually requiring less replacement. Main downside seemed to be from some that it felt a bit soft feeling or too light.

  • Jeffrey

    Coach, 49, M, AB
    Advanced, Once per week
    Defenseman, Defensive Defenseman
    Show DetailsHide Details

    Perfect stick ever

    This is the best stick ever for hockey player, my older son has been use the ek60 since 25 to 55 flex now.... never get a complain ever, and all his teammate like the stick too and so light... many benefit of this stick....

  • hun

    Player, 12, M, ON
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Sniper
    Show DetailsHide Details

    nimble and light

    My son started scoring 2x as many goals with this stick due to feel and accuracy.

  • stevewonder

    Coach, 36, M, ON
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Sniper
    Show DetailsHide Details

    best stick around

    Very light and nimble with lots of feel. Excellent for a forward and centre for face off battle.

  • Avery Kaatz

    Player, 14, M, MB
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Forward, Power forward
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    How did you like Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Junior Stick (LH / Grip / 45 / PP26 Stastny)?

    Good - my sons enjoys it

  • Jason

    Player, 32, M, ON
    Intermediate, Once per week
    Forward, 2-way forward
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    Super light, great balance & great value

    The positives: it is indeed the lightest stick I’ve ever used and is also well balanced (i.e. not blade or shaft heavy), and you can stick handle quickly with it. The comparative negatives for me: I prefer the more rounded corners of the Bauer Vapor sticks (though unfortunately those sticks are too short for me with their recent 50” height, and the feel of extension plugs bother me.... I also find my Vapor APX and Nexus 8000 are comparatively more explosive; that is, I can shoot harder with those sticks for both slap shots and wrist shots. Verdict: while not in all ways perfect for me, this is a top end stick that I’m using as my main stick, and especially at this sale price ($69.99) it’s an incredible value.


    Show DetailsHide Details


    super light, help puck handling and shot release

  • Basil

    Parent, 13, F, NS
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Great stick for girls.

    My daughter loves this stick compared to others she has tried. It moves with her well. And says the shot release is quicker.

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