Athletes are picky about their equipment. That's why the Hockey Supremacy team gives you 10 ideas to score the perfect Christmas gift this year! 



Gift Card

#1 – Gift Card


Simplicity is sometimes the best idea! Avoid delivery delays, the stress of choosing a gift and the potential disappointment of an unwanted item by selecting a virtual gift card for the person of your choice. 


Gongshow Holiday

#2 - Gongshow Holiday Collection

Christmas clothes for hockey fans? We all know what the hockey player on your list will wear to Christmas dinner this year...and the next ones!



Mini Stick

#3 - Mini Sticks $29.99

We believe it is never too early to start practicing your shots! Choose a good mini stick to please the family's little prodigy.


SAXX boxers

#4 - SAXX Boxers $34.99

For a practical gift that fits well in a Christmas stocking...SAXX offers an interesting range of underwear for all styles and tastes!


Hockey Anatomy book

#5 – Hockey Anatomy book $33.95

This book is the perfect gift for a fitness and hockey enthusiast! Dr. Michael Terry, the team physician for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, and Paul Goodman, the strength and conditioning coach for the Chicago Blackhawks, share 96 of the most effective hockey exercises to help hockey players get to the next level!


Bauer Holiday

#6 – Bauer Holiday Collection

Why not offer quality sports clothing to a sports enthusiast you love! The Bauer Holiday Collection features several pieces that are designed for active people who love a modern style.



Knapper bag

#7 – Knapper bag $39.99

We should not forget those who play Ball Hockey. Here is a perfect gift that is rarely thought of: a bag specially designed for ball hockey equipment. Several pockets to separate dry or soaked laundry during tournaments or to hide the cell phone and keys. Ultra-practical and ultra-recommended by our ball hockey fans!


True apparel

#8 – True apparel

We have partnered with Warrior to offer players a spec bag used by pro. One large main compartment to fit all adult gear easily. Here at Hockey Supremacy, we offer one to every new employee, and some of the guys have used the same since our opening in 2011! A true pledge of how much this bag is loved and durable.



D-GEL Sticks

#9 – D-GEL Ringette sticks

Ringuette players love this stick, which provides a powerful shot and excellent grip. A must to add to your basket (or net…)!

Practice accessories

#10 - Practice accessories

Practice makes perfect!

Treat the hockey players in your life with awesome accessories to help them become even better! Obstacles, screens for nets, cones or boards...Something to keep them busy for hours and hours.