Hockey players are picky choosers when it comes to their gear, but Team Supremacy has highlighted 10 safe bets that will make sure to give a smile to the ice skater in your life this holiday season :)


Gift Card

#1 – Gift Card

When in doubt, the gift card is the safest bet of them all! It's also a great idea if you have very little time to choose a gift. Our virtual gift cards containts any dollar amount over $25.00, and wil be available to use with a code sent online. Therefore, there are no worries regarding shipping delays or deception of giving an unwanted item.



Hockey Anatomy Book

#2 - The Book Hockey Anatomy $31.95

This book shows how to improve on-ice performance by increasing muscular strenght and optimizing efficiency of every movement.

Dr. Michael Terry, the team physician for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, and Paul Goodman, the strength and conditioning coach for the Chicago Blackhawks, share 96 of the most effective hockey exercises, each with step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations to show the muscles in action. 



Gongshow Sweater

#3 - Gongshow Gear 

Since 2002, this clothing company has established as the biggest brand to represent the hockey lifestyle outside the rink. Players are proud to wear their high quality fashion. We dare you not to be impressed by their clever designs, and their funny wordplay! Take a look at all the Gongshow caps, sweater and shirts we have in stock.


Warrior Mini Stick

#4 - Mini sticks $29.99

A few years ago, hockey equipment manufacturers had the clever idea to create mini versions of their top end sticks. This completely revolutionized the mini hockey game.

Old and young are equally appreciative of this well designed mini stick that allows them to practice their favorite sport just about anywhere. In addition, you only need to know if your loved one is right handed or left handed as mini sticks are not distinctive of the curve and flex. 


CCM SX8000 Socks

#5 – CCM SX8000 Team Socks $29.99

Not only do these socks show NHL team colors, but they provide the same elite quality in the breathability and design of the material. People love to show their colors wether it is to their favorite team, city or their league's jersey color. 


Captodor Toiletry Kit

#6 – Captodor Toiletery Bag $29.99

This kit is the perfect opportunity to give a try to the Captodor products. Truthfully, we have never experienced a tougher formula to neutralize bad smell coming from sweat. Just about everyone of us uses the Captodor products, and our entourage is so thankful when we bring fresh scented gear back home. It also works wonders in our work smelly shoes ;)

In a nice and practical shower bag, you get the Captodor odor destroyer, the shower gel and the hand purifying hyrdo-gel.



Blue Sports Speed Radar

#7 – Blue Sports Speed Radar  $129.99

There is nothing more gratifying that seing your progress, and that is exactly what this radar is designed to do. Hockey shot practice is sure to pay off, and chances are that this gift will be appreciated by the other athletes in your home as it measures ball speed in most sports! 


HS Pro Bag

#8 – Warrior X Pro Bag $119.99 $69.99

We have partnered with Warrior to offer players a spec bag used by pro. One large main compartment to fit all adult gear easily. Here at Hockey Supremacy, we offer one to every new employee, and some of the guys have used the same since our opening in 2011! A true pledge of how much this bag is loved and durable.



Bauer Holiday Socks

#9 – Bauer Holiday Socks $24.99

This pack of 2 colorful pairs of socks is a perfect stocking stuffer. They can be worn on the ice as their exclusive wicking technology will keep feet dry, but they can also be worn at the Christmas party before the game because they simply offer a light compression. 

Biosteel Products

#10 - Biosteel Products

It's a professional strenght and conditioning coach, Matt Nichol, that created the Biosteel brand out of the necessity to offer athletes a product with a simple list of all-natural ingredients.

It is now the most purchased product in North American pro sports, and endorsed by NHL players such as Wayne Gretzky, Tyler Seguin and Connor McDavid. Discover their products on our website.