The all-new CCM RBZ SpeedBurner hockey stick uses the Speed Pocket Technology in the blade. This provides a trampoline effect to maximize the velocity of your shot. Essentially, you get a fast and powerful shot.


Moreover, CCM introduced a new powerhosel technology. This technology has improved the structure of the taper in the stick. Not only does this give it a cleaner look but it also improves the energy transfer and increases durability in that area.


The CCM RBZ Speedburner also has a very low swing weight, which will result in a quicker swing speed and a faster release.


Personally, now that I have used for over 15 games, I can honestly say I’m very impressed with the stick. I didn’t really like the puck feeling on the CCM RBZ Superfast stick, but with the RBZ SpeedBurner, I find puck control and puck reception of passes have truly improved. Additionally, the durability of the stick seems to be a lot tougher then the RBZ Superfast.


Overall, I would have to say I really loved the CCM RBZ SpeedBurner stick compared to the RBZ Superfast. The puck handling has improved a lot, and also the “pop” has increased allowing you to blast the puck past the goalie!


The CCM RBZ SpeedBurner hockey stick is available at, Canada’s largest online hockey store and your reference for hockey sticks online.



- Mark DiCarlo, Retail Store Manager (Brossard, QC)