Howies Stick Wax

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For better puck control and stick handling.

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    • Howies Stick Wax
    • 2.8oz (80g)
      Helps prevent ice and snow build-up
      Extra grip for better puck control
      Strawberry-kiwi scent
      Do not eat
      Made in Michigan, USA
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Product Reviews

  • Pier-Luc

    Player, 30, M, NB
    Advanced, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Power forward
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    howie wax

    Meilleur wax que j'ai utlisé en plus de 20 ans ! Aide au tape a resister plus longtemps !

  • andrew

    Player, M,
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Sniper
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    Perfect Wax

    wax does its job and the best part is you can put it in your accessory pouch and not get it over everything thanks to the case

  • Andrew

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    Love it

    I've never been a big wax person, but recently I purchased some "Ice Wax". It seemed okay, somewhat helpful. When I tried the Howies wax, I thought that it was great! Get lots more grip and snow doesn't build on on your stick! Also seems to last a long time, so it's very worth it!

  • William

    Player, 21, M, QC
    Intermediate, 2-4 times per week
    Forward, Playmaker
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    Bien mais non essentiel

    Le tape devient plus adhérents, mais ça ne stop pas l'accumulation de glace. Il y en a peut être un peu moins, mais pas au complet, donc peu perdre rapidement de son utilité lors d'une game.

  • Dave

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    Le tape à bâton semble durer plus longtemps avec cette cire à bâton !

  • Ben

    M, QC
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Cire Howie's

    Cire très efficace pour empêcher la neige de coller à la palette et permet d'économiser du tape! Sent bon, Permet plusieurs utilisations.

  • kevin

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    cire a baton

    Cette cire me semble tres bien de plus elle sent tres bon.

  • andrew

    Player, 30, M, NB
    Advanced, More than 4 times per week
    Forward, Sniper
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    Stick Wax

    great wax, protects your tape from ripping. use to have to tape every ice time now im good for 2-3. will buy again

  • Ty

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    Highly Recommend!

    Wax is wax in my opinion when it comes to stick wax but Howie's definitely is the best due to the tin it comes in, keeps the wax clean from dirt from your bag and the SMELL! The smell of this wax is actually so amazing!

  • Anthony

    Player, 19, M, QC
    Professional, More than 4 times per week
    Defenseman, 2-way Defenseman
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    Best Smelling Wax

    The smell is just amazing. Besides that, great wax but I can't get over how great it smells. Buy it and you'll see what I am talking about.

  • Michael

    M, ON
    Forward, Playmaker
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    Great stick wax, smells great, it prevents ice from building up on the stick and also provides better control when stick handling

  • Landon

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    Howies Wax

    This is the best wax on the market by far. Way better than Dr. Zoggs and it gives really good grip

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