About Us

Hockey Supremacy is an independent hockey equipment retailer. We wish to offer Canadians the best online shopping experience for their purchases of hockey equipment. We also want our customers to save excessive shipping and customs clearance fees of U.S. online stores.

Vision of Hockey supremacy

Our vision is to offer our customers a simple, user-friendly and structured environment so that they can take advantage of all the information needed for their hockey equipment purchases. The presence of hockey experts via live online support allows immediate feedback to all hockey relative questions and comments from our customers.

We pledge to offer competitive prices, combined with several loyalty programs that allow our customers to obtain the best value on their purchases. We promise to provide a flawless customer service. Whether during the purchase process or after the sale, we are always willing to assist our clients to benefit an outstanding shopping experience.

A few comments of our many satisfied customers

"Just got to say... You guys have to be the best hockey store ever! Just amazing customer service and, sorry for the language, fucking amazing fast shipping!" Dave, Etobicoke (Ontario)
"I very much enjoyed my experience with Hockey Supremacy and definitely will order again. Thanks a lot!!" Thomas, St. John's (Newfoundland)
"Thanks for the great service. I am very happy with everything and will recommend you to my friends." Myles, Telkwa (British Columbia)
"I was VERY impressed with the pricing and delivery time… I have already sent 3 of my buddies to your site due to my satisfaction." David, Montreal (Quebec)
"Thanks for the prompt shipment. You guys are awesome to deal with." Patrick, Scarborough (Ontario)
"My son was thrilled with the speed of delivery - just in time for his next practice. Thank you!" Karen, Regina (Saskatchewan)
"Thank you so much for your attention and great customer service." Christine, Three Hills (Alberta)
"I just got my gloves Thursday night, and........ I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!!! Your business will do great as you really know how to treat your clients. I promise you that I am a customer for life, and your first source of good P.R." Ken, Lasalle (Québec)
"I just received my order and I'm very happy with the product and the service. You have a good selection of sticks at competitive prices (especially the sales)." Peter, Winnipeg (Manitoba)
"Hockey Supremacy has the most masterful customer service of any retailer, online or otherwise, that I have experienced in years. Lightning fast shipping, pleasant and swift responses to my e-mail queries, and a mission to make things right for their customer. This entire experience has been incredible and I look forward to my next purchase order for myself or my son. Will recommend you guys to anybody who plays hockey at any level!” Brian, Calgary (Alberta)