Loyalty Crowns Program

Get a 5% cashback on your next purchase!

At HockeySupremacy.com, we care about our customers and it’s always a pleasure to see them come back. That’s why we built our own Loyalty Crown Program.

What you need to do is simply to create an account to start earning and redeeming Loyalty Crowns.

$1 spent = 1 Loyalty Crown
100 Loyalty Crowns = $5.00 for your next purchase

Your Loyalty Crowns remain available forever, they will never expire!


Many ways to earn Loyalty Crowns

  • Purchase : 5% cashback

You get 5% of the value of your order in Loyalty Crowns.


Make sure you create an account before making your first purchase and always use that same account. You will automatically rewarded and your next orders will be automatically credited of your loyalty crowns amount. Example : Buy a stick at $299.99 and get 299 Loyalty Crowns worth $14.95.

  • Refer a Friend : 300 Loyalty Crowns ($15.00)

You enjoyed your experience with us and want to share with your friends and family? We will reward you 300 Loyalty Crowns every time you refer a new customer.


Simply head over to your account and click “My Referrals” on the left menu. You can send invitations to as many friends as you want. All they need to do is enter the reference code they will receive in your invitation in the reference field when they create an account. Every time one of your friends creates an account and makes his first purchase using your reference informations, your account will be rewarded 300 Loyalty Crowns worth $15.00!

  • Product Review : 50 Loyalty Crowns ($2.50)

You get 50 Loyalty Crowns worth $2.50 when you submit a product review. Your opinion matters. You can help your hockey community to shop wisely by reviewing any product you have tried.


Simply go on the specific product page, submit your review at the bottom of the page to earn Loyalty Crowns. Make sure you are connected to your account so we can reward your account.

*Product reviews must be approved

  • Pass it to your friend : 20 Loyalty Crowns ($1.00)

You want to share one of our product to your community? We will reward you for that too! Get 20 Loyalty Crowns (value of $1.00) every time you pass a product to a friend.


You can choose any of the “Pass it to your friend” icon on the left side of any product page. Every time you pass a product, you get rewarded 20 Loyalty Crowns worth $1.00. Make sure you are connected to your account so we can reward your account.

*Limit of 15 passes per month