365-Day Return Policy

365-day return policy

HockeySupremacy.com sincerely wish you were completely satisfied with your order. Therefore, If for one reason or another you are not satisfied, we will refund the order up to 365 days after the purchase!

Product must be in perfect condition

Our promise at HockeySupremacy.com is to sell quality products that are new and in perfect condition. For us to accept a return we must be able to ensure the above is guaranteed before we can resell a product. Just as a customer in our physical stores is allowed to try on a shoulder pads and must put it back on the hanger in the same condition, your returned order must be sent back in perfect condition. A product in perfect condition will have all its labels and tags attached to it.

For example, if your skates came in a box, you must return both the skates and box in perfect condition. We encourage you to reuse the shipping box we used to ship the order.

Used equipment, sharpened or moulded skates, taped sticks, underwear and athletic support can’t be returned. 


No exchanges, only refunds

Products are not exchanged at HockeySupremacy.com but returned for a refund. You are then invited to pass a new order for the product which will best suit your needs.

Our experience has shown us that it was more advantageous for everyone if we did not do exchanges. It is simpler and faster to return the product you do not like and receive a refund. Also, you may order the right product in the mean time, ensuring it does not disappear from our stock while the process is occurring. This reorder will be treated as a separate order entirely.


The customer is responsible for the return

Unless we have made a mistake in shipping or you purchased your order during a special promotion, you are responsible for the fees incurred for returning a product. Whether you decide to drive to one of our store or use a courier service, the fees remain your own for returning a product.

Errors do happen and so, if ever we accidentally ship the wrong product or an order is damaged in delivery, please contact our customer service as soon as you receive the order. One of our staff will remedy the situation quickly.

Candiac Store / Warehouse
122, Paul-Gauguin street
Candiac, Quebec
J5R 6X2


Return delay

It can take up to 2 business days for HockeySupremacy.com to process the return once the package arrived at the warehouse.


Broken sticks during usage

Most of our products are covered with a manufacturer limited warranty, including sticks. Damaged equipment during usage is not covered by our free returns and exchanges policy. Please refer to our Warranty section for more details and how to return broken sticks.

Returning products purchased with a gift card

If you wish to return a product purchased with a gift card, a credit will be issued to your account. The amount of the credit issued will be equal to that used from the gift card. This credit will be applicable to your next purchase, and does not have an expiry date. You have the option to use the credit on your shopping cart in the section asking for payment method. Credits are not redeemable for cash.